Cisco Network Products For Businesses Of All Sizes!

We have a diverse range of Cisco products that streamline business networking processes.

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Cisco Routers

Cisco offers application optimization, high-level analytics, integrated security, and automated provisioning to provide a comprehensive solution to small and midsized business enterprises.

Cisco 4000 Series ISR

Cisco 1900 Series ISR

Cisco 2900 Series ISR

Cisco 800 ISR & 900 ISR

Cisco ASR 1000 Series

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Cisco Switches

Certified partner of Cisco that offers you high-quality Cisco switches and other products at an affordable price.

Catalyst 4500E & Catalyst 4500X

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Cisco IP Phones

All Cisco IP phones are made with high-end technology that decreases compliance risks on both local networks and in the cloud.

3900 SIP Phones

7800 Series IP Phones

8800 Series IP Phones

6900 Series IP Phones

7900 Series IP Phones

8800 Series SIP Phones

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Cisco Modules & Cards

The Cisco modules and cards lay the foundation for the integration of both data and voice within a single network.

Router EHWIC WAN Cards

NM NME EM Network Modules

PVDM Voice/FAX Modules

Cisco 4000 Series ISR Voice Module

Cisco 4500 Switch Modules

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Cisco Wireless APs

Wireless LAN offers simplified segmentation that enables you to secure your network and find out any encrypted threats.

Aironet 1810 / 1810W Series

Aironet 1830 Series

Aironet 1850 Series

Aironet 2800 Series

Aironet 3800 Series

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Cisco Cables Accessories

Cisco has a wide range of accessories for users to use their particular products optimally.

Antenna Cable

Cables for WIC IP Phones

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Cisco Memory & Flash

Cisco Memory and Flash are memory chips that can easily electronically be erased and reprogramed.

ISR 4000 Memory & Flash

1900 & 2900 & 3900 Series Router Flash Memory

1900 2900 3900 Router


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Cisco Optics Modules

ORM Systems proudly offers SFP transceivers that facilitate seamless, high-speed data communications connections among different applications



SFP Transceivers for Catalyst 3000 Series

SFP+ Transceivers for Catalyst 3000 Series

40G Base Modules

10G Base Modules

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Cisco Power Supply

ORM Systems offers a wide range of Cisco power supplies of routers, switches, firewalls security, Wireless AP Power Supply, IP Phones VOIP, and so forth.

ASA 5500 Power Supplies

Catalyst 4500 Power Supplies

Catalyst 4900 Power Supplies

Spare Power Supplies and Fan for Catalyst 3750-X Series

Power Supplies for Catalyst 2960-XR

Power Supplies for Wireless LAN

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Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Comparison
: 9200 Vs 9300 Vs 9400 Vs 9500 switches.

Cisco being one of the biggest manufacturers of networking hardware, provides customers with a variety of products from which they hold a wide range of switches, each fulfilling a different purpose. The Cisco Catalyst 9000 series are very resourceful for mid – size businesses to large businesses. They range from Cisco catalyst 9200 Series switches, Catalyst 9300 Series switches, Catalyst 9400 Series switches, and Catalyst 9500 Series switches.

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